Excerpt: (page 101-2)

April 19th
My dearest Etta,
Six months have passed. The groundhogs have sang, and today the city watches the burning of a straw man. Is spring really here?
There have not been planes in the sky for days. The skies are full of ash and if I breathe deep enough I can taste the soot. But the air has been heavy for long now.
It has been almost four years since I left the coast. Nine years since I first found you. I can no longer speak my own language. I jumble my words, but paired with a smile, they settle upon some laps, resting safely in sympathy. Sometimes they fall asleep on my belly, and when we wake up we make grimaces at each other.
I have been holding the hands of my grandmother for five months. My feet have shrunk and I have to take twice the paces I used to. I am tired. My hair is gone. I am going into hiding. For one week.
I am convinced that if I go far enough, I will end up where I took the wrong turn months ago. Or was it years ago? There is a trail that leads the way; I left jellybeans in the woods, and a box under the earth. It is there that I will walk in the opposite direction, this time following the dahlias that lend me their extra blossoms. Remember the corner in Baltimore with the daffodils?
When this letter reaches you, please go and water them. Maybe I can meet you there.




Bringing this project to life has, on the one hand, taken 7 years, and on the other (the dexterous one), required closure. Perhaps it is this closure, that helped Laura Brino and myself decide that it was time to publish their fables lost in time. A collection of script over the years, The Loralite Letters is a testimony to a friendship. In a 104-page memoir, Corrina and Etta tell tall tales of companionship: platonic, familiar, and romantic. In distance, the two girls discuss the tragedy of aging, the pursuit of a dream (so many dreams), and (rather abundantly) the folly of love, all until they finally see each other again. Both utterly banal, and disgustingly crass, The Loralite Letters takes you through a journey (the girls like to think it was in the 1960′s) through the minds of two girls, trying to justify their passions.

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